Carol and Mabell’s Stories Show Dr. Minehart Does Not Give Up On Your Treatment

Many patients experiencing chronic pain and other diseases are misdiagnosed or dismissed. In the case of women, there are many cases where they are told the symptoms they are experiencing are “just in their head.” At Advanced Pain Institute, this is not the case, as award-winning pain specialist Dr. I. Michael Minehart strives to improve patients’ quality of life and will not give up on their treatment. These testimonials by Carol and Mabell show the caliber of Dr. Minehart’s services.

Carol’s Story and Advanced Pain Institute’s Long-Term Pain Management Services

“He tries whatever he can to make a person feel helped.”

A patient of Dr. Minehart since 1998, Carol has had chronic pain issues and was previously searching for a doctor who understood the need to maintain and manage a patient’s pain over a long period of time. This is what is expected of pain management specialists, and she found this in Dr. Minehart who proved to be extremely invaluable in reducing her chronic pain and improving her quality of life.

According to Carol, what set Dr. Minehart apart and made him extremely helpful was he listened very carefully to what Carol had to say as she described her pain and what caused it. He was also driven to get to the root cause of her condition, utilizing various tools like MRIs and CAT-scans in order to provide her with the precise treatment she needed. These range from pain relieving medication, injections to surgical treatments, all depending on the patient’s specific circumstances. 

Carol says that the combined treatments have been profoundly helpful. In her words, “he has done the homework and found the science,” using them for maximum effect. This is why she has been under his care for more than 20 years and has seen Dr. Minehart continuously develop and advance his treatment, constantly learning and applying improving treatment methods to better serve his patients while treating them with the respect they deserve.

Mabell’s Neck Pain Treatment at Advanced Pain Institute

“[Dr. Minehart] believed me for once.

A patient who was referred to Dr. Minehart by her neurologist five years ago, Mabell says since then she has been happy with Dr. Minehart’s pain management services. She originally went to him for her lower back but he also helped her for endometriosis. 

Endometriosis is a painful disorder involving abnormal tissue growth outside the uterus, involving the ovaries, fallopian tubes or pelvic tissues.

Mabell describes how Dr. Minehart went above and beyond, helping her find surgeons for this condition. 

She says that Dr. Minehart was instrumental in turning her life around. Previously, for two years she would get chest pains and rapid heartbeat, and when she went to the E.R. for treatment they were unable to determine her condition. On the other hand, at the Advanced Pain Institute, she says that Dr. Minehart never stopped until he got the right diagnosis. 

Before this, Mabell says she felt like she was going crazy as while it was evident there was something wrong no one could determine what was actually causing her pain. But with Dr. Minehart, he goes above and beyond for his patients to find out what is behind their pain and give them the treatment they require. 

She also adds that despite COVID-19, Dr. Minehart has been able to continue treating his patients, giving them a sense of normalcy in the knowledge that they could still count on him. He never closed his doors.

I am tremendously grateful for this doctor. I tell my kids that this doctor saved my life,” Mabell says.  


Their stories show just how tenacious Dr. Minehart is in determining what is behind the pain affecting his patients and doing everything he can to treat their conditions and improve their lives. For pain management and treatment, reach out to Advanced Pain Institute at Arcadia and Encino, California.