Pain Relief and Management for Sports and Exercise Foot Injuries

Active lifestyles often result in foot pain due to injuries. The joints of the feet will naturally experience wear and tear due to use and if the activities are intense or accidents occur, they can incur damage. Thankfully, Dr. Isaac Michael Minehart at Advanced Pain Institute in Arcadia and Encino offers pain relief, management and treatments for such injuries so patients can recover swiftly and resume their routine. 

Types of Foot Pain and Injuries Due to Sports and Exercise

At the Advanced Pain Institute, Dr. Isaac Michael Minehart can examine and treat various causes of foot pain including:

Achilles Tendinitis

This is a common foot and ankle condition affecting the Achilles tendon, largest tendon in the body caused by overuse and degeneration as well as wear and tear.

Plantar Fasciitis

Also known as heel spur syndrome, this chronic overuse type of injury results in the inflammation of a thick band of tissue that runs across the bottom of the foot and connects the heel bone to the toes.

Ankle Sprains

Caused by twisting the foot, which damages the ligaments of the ankle.

Stress Fractures

Improper conditioning, equipment or technique can lead to more wear and tear on the foot and ankle, leading to stress fractures, small cracks in the bone.


Usually manifesting as pain in the ball of the foot or tingling and numbness, neuromas involve pinched nerves. Non-surgical treatment is common, from appropriate or supportive footwear such as orthodontic inserts or corticosteroid injections to deal with inflammation.

Treatments for Foot Pain Due to Sports and Exercise

Prompt treatment of the pain and underlying injuries to the feet and lower extremities is crucial so that patients can resume their ordinary routine as soon as possible. At the Advanced Pain Institute, Dr. Isaac Michael Minehart is dedicated to ensuring his patients live free of pain, have improved quality of life, and go about their ordinary activities without any difficulty.  

At the Advanced Pain Institute, the treatment process starts with an assessment of symptoms to determine the cause of the discomfort and find the best way to relieve the foot pain and prevent future pain. If needed, Dr. Minehart can prescribe pain medications, as well as recommend physical therapy regimens or lifestyle alterations to restore proper function of the foot. When necessary, surgery can correct the cause of the pain. 

These options come with thorough assessment of the factors that contribute to the pain, from habits, activities and lifestyle, to accidents as well as health conditions that predispose people to developing foot injuries. With a complete picture of his patients’ health, Dr. Minehart can take the necessary steps to help them live free of pain.


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