Platelet-Rich Plasma Pain Relief and Management Treatments For Improved Outcomes

At the Advanced Pain Institute, Dr.  I. Michael Minehart, M.D. is at the forefront of science and research, developing better treatments to relieve patients from pain and discomfort so that they can enjoy their lives free from discomfort. New pain relief treatments include infusions of platelet-rich plasma to promote healing, addressing the main causes behind the pain. 

Platelet Rich Plasma for Pain Relief

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is a cutting-edge innovation in the fields of pain management and regenerative medicine that uses the body’s own healing factors to promote rejuvenation and relief.

The Advanced Pain Institute, provides specialized treatment, focusing on interventional pain management for the treatment of chronic pain.

Using PRP or Platelet-Rich Plasma to promote healing is pretty straightforward. It starts by drawing an amount of blood from the body, then the platelets will be separated and enriched. Afterwards, the enriched platelets will be returned to your circulatory system. PRP will be introduced directly into the injured area. With this method the healing process will be sped up, chronic pain will be reduced, and you can return to normal life sooner.

PRP treatment can address a variety of issues, but it is most useful in treating chronic injuries and conditions whether that be knee pain, neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, or any other region of the body. PRP can be used to address recurring tendon injuries, accelerate post-surgical healing, and bring pain relief in conditions such as arthritis and chronic pain. For those with persistent conditions, PRP may be the right treatment for you.

PRP with Ozone Treatment for Pain Management

Under the leadership of I. Michael Minehart, M.D., Advanced Pain Institute is at the forefront of the fields of pain management and regenerative medicine, employing cutting edge procedures to provide the best paint management and pain therapy outcomes to patients seeking relief from pain.

One of these advanced methods includes combining platelet-rich plasma with ozone therapy. PRP’s regenerative and pain-relieving benefits are established, and can be further augmented with ozone therapy.

This is an extremely safe procedure based on O3’s powerful pathogen-neutralizing properties to aid in healing by reducing inflammation and boosting the immune system. The therapeutic benefits of ozone include:

* Potent regulator of immune system

* Increasing antioxidant protection

* Stimulating increased uptake of oxygen

* Powerful mitochondrial stimulant

* Improving circulation

This is combined with PRP’s large reservoirs of bioactive proteins and growth factors that aid in tissue repair and regeneration, resulting in a potent combination that promotes healing. Together, they will deliver even better outcomes for patients seeking relief from pain and can enhance other treatments as well.


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