Shoulder Pain and Limb Pain Treatment in California

Shoulder pain and limb pain are unfortunately common for those who do physical labor or exercise intensely as these activities come with risks for injuries and accidents. Pain can also come from simple wear and tear over the years. Aging can also result in joint pain, especially coupled with improper posture or strenuous activities. Thankfully, the Advanced Pain Institute offers a variety of pain management treatments for those experiencing pain in their shoulders or limbs. 

Treatment for Shoulder Pain from Exercise, Work or Aging

We use our shoulders to carry weight and they are capable of a wide array of motion thanks to their complex and elegant design, but they are also vulnerable to injury and pain. At the Advanced Pain Institute, interventional pain management specialist I. Michael Minehart, M.D. is here to help. Dr. Minehart offers safe and effective treatment options for shoulder pain to ensure patients get the best possible outcomes. To reduce shoulder pain and restore its movement and functions, contact the Advanced Pain Institute in Arcadia and Encino, California.

If a case of shoulder pain that is connected to a number of other underlying issues, you may need an interventional pain specialist like Dr. Minehart to help narrow down a clear diagnosis. Upon a visit to Advanced Pain Institute, patients will be questioned in order to determine the issue they are experiencing. Following this, a proper course of treatment is created and can vary from addressing posture to surgery.

For shoulder pain treatment in the Arcadia and Encino, California areas, contact Advanced Pain Institute now!

Limb Pain Management 

Experiencing limb pain? Advanced Pain Institute in Arcadia and Encino treats limb pain of various types. This form of pain can have different types of origin from entrapment of spinal nerves, peripheral nerves, inflammation of blood vessels, damage of peripheral nerves, post-surgical pain, to metabolic complications from underlying diseases.

All undiagnosed intractable limb pain should be evaluated by interventional pain physicians experienced in anesthetizing the anatomical sympathetic nerves to limbs. Only when patients are unable to tolerate anti-seizure medications, antidepressants, anti-inflammatory or opiates should they be considered for spinal cord stimulator/neuromodulation treatments.

This is why at Advanced Pain Institute, our limb pain treatments are personalized to meet each patient’s unique requirements and ensure effective treatment and optimal results. During your visit to API, assessments will be done to evaluate the severity of your limb pain and create a proper treatment plan best suited in meeting your pain relief goals.


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