Shoulders are capable of a wide array of motion thanks to their complex and elegant design, but they are also vulnerable to injury and pain. At the Advanced Pain Institute, interventional pain management specialist I. Michael Minehart, M.D. is here to help. Dr. Minehart offers safe and effective treatment options for shoulder pain to ensure patients get the best possible outcomes. To reduce shoulder pain and restore its movement and functions, contact the Advanced Pain Institute in Arcadia and Encino, California.

Dr. Minehart has seen some of the more complex hip pains that do not originate in the hip itself. These are known as referred pains that require a complete understanding of what exactly could be causing them. When surgery is out of the question, physical therapy has not helped, and you’re tired of taking pills, the etiology of your condition has been completely missed. This type of condition is what challenges Dr. Minehart to figure out what is going on here. He enjoys diagnosing the etiology of your hip pain. He knows your pain is real and is not just in your head. For those hip pains of unknown cause, Dr. Minehart will find the most effective treatment options.


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Shoulder Pain Q & A

The shoulder is comprised of many different muscles, ligaments, tendons and bones, which enable a wide range of movement. Each one of these bones or soft tissues can be causing your shoulder pain. Typically, shoulder pain is due to the following conditions:

Injured Tendons

Tendons connect muscles to bones and when a tendon is damaged, usually from overuse, there is pain. Other tendon conditions include tendonitis, when it slowly wears down, as well as tendon tears that are sudden injuries ripping the tissue into two.


Osteoarthritis is he most common type of arthritis that causes shoulder pain. It is a degenerative condition that arises gradually and is caused by natural wear and tear.

Referred Pain

This is when your shoulder pain originates from another part of your body. It can be due to a herniated disc, spinal stenosis or degenerative disc conditions in the cervical or upper spine. Pain due to this type of condition is usually constant, not increasing or decreasing with movement, unlike arthritis or tendon injuries that can be affected by motion.

Dr. Minehart offers a variety of treatments for temporary or chronic shoulder pain aimed at their root causes.

Dr. Minehart offers a variety of non-surgical and surgical treatment options for shoulder pain. Initial treatments to relieve pain can include physical therapy to help rebuild the muscles and tendons, or steroid injections to decrease inflammation. Electric stimulation can also help manage pain.

For more complicated injuries, Dr. Mineheart might opt for:

Manipulation: gently moving the shoulder while it’s under anesthesia.

Joint Replacement: replacing degenerated shoulder joints with implants.

Arthroscopic Capsular Release: a small incision is made so that scar tissue can be removed.

If shoulder pain doesn’t respond to non-surgical treatments, Dr. Minehart might suggest surgical options that can help.

Experiencing shoulder pain or reduced range of motion? Contact the Advanced Pain Institute to schedule a consultation.

I. Michael Minehart, M.D.

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I. Michael Minehart, M.D. is a board-certified anesthesiologist who specializes in interventional pain management for the treatment of chronic pain.

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